Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wood flooring anyone?

Please let me introduce you to our new bottle of syrup. Just opened it the night before. Heated up in all its glory, it is delicious! 
Hold on.... what is this? It is EMPTY??? There must be a reason why. Perhaps..... a story? You guessed correctly! Let me recap this morning's events............

Picture a nice, semi-quiet morning. The older girls got off to school with no problems, arguments or fights. A breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon freshly cooked and waiting at the table for Pernell to come home from work. Clara is in a pleasant mood, hair shade a nice blonde-ish color and the dang dog is calm. It is nice. It is calm. It is peaceful. The idea morning.  Pernell came home and we enjoyed a nice breakfast. Clara finished first and went to play. It was all nice. It was all calm. It was all quiet.

.............. too quiet (as like so many of our stories begin).

Then Ms. Clara came walking in, hair more of a red tint. We notice she has dark streaks of SOMETHING covering her pajamas..... and hands..... and feet..... and freshly washed hair. Daisy followed her in, nose all....... wet and sticky......

I instantly jumped up and ran into the kitchen to see what damage had been caused. Looking around, everything was in its typical order, except the pantry was open. I got scared. I moved to the family room, where there is carpet. I see the above mentioned bottle of syrup tipped over on the carpet. Closer observation showed large puddles of syrup all over the family room! Out of frustration I flew my hands in the air, hitting the fast moving ceiling fan, which caused me to grab my hand in pain and flop down on the couch, only to land right smack dab in the middle of another pile of syrup that had been poured out on the couch. I may or may not have yelped a high-pitched scream at this point.

Pernell's child had scaled the pantry and helped herself to the bottle of syrup on the top shelf!!!
I ran upstairs and showered, then came down to see the dog throwing up all sorts of syrup and who-knows-what-else-her-partner-in-crime-had-fed-her!!!!!

Off to work I went. Nice, quiet, calm work.

In other news, we're looking at installing wood flooring.

That was my morning.... how was yours?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What keeps us guessing...

I was going through my phone looking at pictures that have been taken since January. There are a lot of nice, fun ones of Kaylee and Sam. Then I noticed the 'Clara pictures'. She is ALWAYS up to something. Even as I type this, she is sitting on the edge of the couch chattin' away about something, covered in what I assume is neosporin, given the opened, squeezed out tube laying behind her (that was, for the record, up on the highest shelf in the linen closet). Here's a picture I just secretly snapped of her.  ------------------------------------------>

Clara is by far our busiest child. She keeps us humble and real. But she is a Ninja. She can get things and places without anyone knowing!  Let's walk through the past few months in the life of 'Clara', shall we? (pictures are in no particular order)

 Found her like this in Sam's room. She had snuck
out of her room, into mine to kipe the iPad, then off to
Sam's room. Clearly Sam's room is the place to be!

She can't go anywhere without her Toy Story toys now.
It's really convenient *insert sarcasim HERE*
especially if she let's the dog play with one of them. 
Counter dancing. She wanted something on 
the counter and figured she could do it herself.

This was Clara's grand Facebook Debut.
She had a lot to say and was doing it without my knowledge.

The annual Milla and Clara birthday bash. They are 3!!!

This is Daisy. What you don't see is Clara hiding. This area was immaculate 10 minutes prior. 

She crashed!

CAUGHT! Oohhhh!!!! Did not know she could
open the fridge. 

Meeting Daisy, Clara's new partner in crime.

They really do get along...
most of the time
Partner's in crime

Snuck into Kaylee's room. Opps!

Clara deciding she's going to
make cookie on her own. That turned out

Such a happy little girl! She loves her Tangled stuff!

Nail polish.
Kaylee's 12th birthday cake.
Do you see Clara's 'markings'?

Woke up to this. Uh hu. Jealous?
The 'throw-yourself-to-the-ground-because-I-didn't-get-what-I-want" pose
Dancing through life...

Eating cupcakes. Permission? Nay!

The look I get when telling her watching
Toy Story at 1am is not acceptable. 

I woke up to this. I think (hope???) that was
chocolate of some sort!!!
Easter with her peeps. 

Not a clue!

That was my lesson I was teaching in her hands. 

Whenever we can't find Daisy, we
look in Clara's room. 
............. they are inseparable! 

Joker + Mimi (from Drew Carey) = this???

1am. You try and be mad at that face!
This did not end well. 

Clara stayed there while Daisy was in a 'time out'
and talked to her for over an hour!

Happy #3 Girlie!!!

I'm not sure how Daisy got on the bed and
Clara off. It wasn't like that 5 minutes before. 

The girls with Great Grandpa Rocky

AS YOU CAN SEE.... Clara keeps it real. And fun. And covered in anything and everything she can get her hands on! Nothing ever surprises us..... even this (which I literally just turned around and saw 30 seconds ago).  She is a stealth-like-Ninja. She's been put to bed in her room three times.

Here's to many. many more years of fun. And hopefully mild teenage years!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Readers Digest Update

Nov - Spoke in Sacrament meeting
          Thanksgiving at my home. :)

Dec - Christmas at my home, Christmas breakfast at Mom's
          New Years Eve - Spent with friends from church, then came home and let fireworks off

Jan - Kaylee turns 12!!!!  
         Went to Utah for brother in laws military retirement. Congrats Justin
         Came home from Utah with...................................... a dog.
Feb -  .... 

That's the reader's digest version of the last few months. I'll update more tonight!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tof talkin'

First things first.

I am not Katrina. My name is Christopher (also known as 'topher) and I will be your guest author for today.
Who is this Christopher? How does he know Katrina? Why does he think he can write a blog post?
Christopher is me. I met Katrina through AOL, when meeting people through the internets was "Dangerous" and AOL was actually a thing. (Who remembers being excited when they heard "You got Mail" before we all got too cynical to realize all we had was SPAM, or to think that the girl who was writing to say she had a crush on you, click here for more- might REALLY be a girl who you'd contacted through a chat room somehow, so even though you knew probably you clicked anyway and... yep, porn. ) When all is said and done AOL brought me two things, Katrina and my wife Katie; so it was good for something.
That means I've known Katrina for 13 years. So, when she puts out a Facebook post and says.. "Somebody write a blog post for me" I am more than happy to answer the call!!
Truth be told, I've gotten into a lot of trouble on Katrina's Facebook wall. Currently I'm entrenched in, what I call "The Five Dollar Thread" Wherein Katrina put a post on her wall saying that the last to comment gets $5. That original post was September 15th. The thread is still ongoing.
First of all, the amount of time I have spent over this thread is well and above what any adult man should have spent earning five bucks. Keep in mind, that while I'm at work I earn $5 roughly every 10 minutes. So, is there a good reason I spend time strategizing how to keep people disinterested in this thread? How to scare away my competition? I spend hours each night with my phone at my side, so I can immediately post something witty or sarcastic when somebody posts a comment; but really I just want to be "last"? I tell people I'm going to bed, but then compulsively check my phone so I can sleep soundly knowing that I was "Last"? The answer is yes. I want that $5. I NEED that $5. This isn't a contest for $5, this is a contest of internet savvy, will power and stamina. So, if that means I have to spend 3 straight days talking about nothing but cheesecake to chase away somebody who believes Cheesecake is "gross" then so be it. This really happened, I even wrote cheesecake Haiku:
Combine all your cheese
with heavy and sour cream
behold the cheesecake
When this didn't work I literally spent three days posting nothing but repeats of what my youthful competition posted. I'm not proud.
My efforts seem to have gone for naught so far. As the target seems undaunted. (This is why she's my biggest competition! There has to be a way to make her disinterested, I will find it!) And Katrina seems happy to reinvite people who have "lost track of the thread" making my work even harder. Despite all this, in 5 years, with hours of planning and 148,693 posts later, I'll have my five dollars!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet the Roberts

We moved! (more on that later)  Our new ward is spotlighting us this week. Here's our introduction. :D

Meet the Roberts 

Although Katrina grew up in Vancouver, Washington she experienced a total lack of judgement in her early years and moved to Utah. Having only been there long enough to start wondering, “What did I DO???” She met Pernell through an online dating... friend of a friend... thing. Nine hours after their first encounter Pernell sent his then girlfriend packing and the two became what you see today. Married. Life was bliss.

Enter: Kaylee. Now 11, this noble child made her appearance by explaining to her parents the exact time, place, and flavor of her next 17 feedings. Currently she has just wrapped up a successful fifth grade year. Kaylee can be heard ripping it up with her Ukulele and seen concurring mathematical problems with the determination of a man about to climb Mt Everest.

Three years after Kaylee was born, Katrina and Pernell realized they collectively possessed much more wisdom then they had given themselves credit for and moved (back) to Washington. They danced around Vancouver, Washougal, then Camas before it dawned on them Vancouver really was THAT good.

The Robert's tenacious daughter, Samantha, was born in Washington and is now 7. She is fun, spunky, and can make any – yes ANY – outfit work. Plaid and poka dots don't go together you say? WRONG! She rocks it! She would like to inform all who are reading that on her last day of school she passed on adding 9's in 105 seconds. Take THAT first grade!

Katrina plays with sharp tools (scissors are sharp, right?) in an endodontic office four days a week. She enjoys facebook, movies, and getting caught in the rain. She is not fond of Yoga however, and rather enjoys staring at the ceiling. Pernell works at the hundred dollar store... you may know it as Costco. He enjoys virgin pina coladas, folding laundry, not doing dishes, and is not much into health food. At this point you should know that his favorite quote is, “Sheeeeeesh... I don't know!”

Last, but most certainly not least, is our happy child Clara. She, being only 2 years old, defies all odds. There really are no words for Clara.

On a somewhat different note, we presently have a bubbly, boisterous, very giggling (yet somewhat sneaky, hide all paint, markers and anything sharp) toddler for rent.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So... busy...

I need to take a minute to talk about Clara. Our #3. She is funny.  She is happy. And she is BUSY.

Tonight, for instance.

I looked over into the kitchen and there she was, emptying the dishwasher (yay for an early start!). We went over there and put the dishwasher up.  We look back over and she's moved a chair to the dishwasher and was climbing on the counter. So moved the chair. And her.
Clara came over to where I was sitting on the couch. The lights started to flick, and I see that she was pulling the plug out and in, giggling. Then she went to the fire place and started throwing the wood pieces around. After we stopped that and started cleaning it up, we blinked, and the nicely folded clothes in the laundry basket were flying every which way. *deep breath*

We removed her from that. She found my purse and pulled out the iPad, which she can navigate around far better than anyone else in this household.  I just deleted 50 pictures of the floor and ceiling.

Clara then burps. And says, "EWWW DAD!!!".

Suddenly there is a calm.  And quiet. I turn and look. She's standing on a chair which she has pushed up to our hutch, where she quickly grabbed a hammer, said, "HI MOM!" and started hammering the hutch. Ack! We removed her from THAT.

It is times for family prayer. Clara has disappeared. Or has she? Suddenly the microwave is running. Culprit found! Family prayer said. Clara in bed.

We love Clara, she keeps us on our toes and laughing!

PS... I should also mention this happened over the course of 10 minutes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Car Post

It is no secret that we don't have the best of luck with cars.   I was reading through old journal posts, and found this from May of 2006. I thought I would share it, it made me laugh!


It is with deep sorrow and regret that I let you know of the passing of Car #1 (see Roberts Family Run Down - Christmas Edition 2005... waiting, I don't think I sent it out to everyone... I'll put it online). 1984 Toyota 4-Runner. 
4-Runner suddenly went into convultions on Tuesday morning, sustaining massive transmission problems. After two days in the shop, Dr.Mechanic informed us that 4-Runner was in much need of a new transmission to remain alive. A near $1,000 surgery for new, and $800 for used. After much deliberation, 4-Runner has decided to live out it's remaining days in peace. Dr. Mechanic has given 4-Runner roughly 5 miles, before the end of it's traveling days with the Roberts.
The car has been in the family since it's birth, in 1984. It's 230,000 miles of travel has taken it to Washington, Oregon, Utah, Iowa and back, carrying many, many things. After surviving that awful drive through Nebraska, 4-Runner thought it was indistructable. 4-Runner has been kidnapped 3 times in the past few years, but has always found it's way back home. It's had the pleasure of driving around with the best drivers and the worst. After many, many years of faithful service to us, we are sad to see it go, but realize (much to popular McClure beliefs), a car can not live forever.
4-Runner is survived by all the McClure's, their kids and spouces, and, it's new love, 2005 Ford Taurus. Services will be posted later this evening on Craig's List, in hopes of finding a new family that gives a damn. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for the many thinks to be thankful about

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. We had a great time!  At the end of the day, we (Pernell, the girls and I) were on our bed, and for an hour, we went around talking about what we were thankful for.  The first thing that both Kaylee and Sam said they were thankful for? Clara. That made my heart warm.

What am I thankful for? Many things. 

My girls. They are each so different and add so much to my life. I love them so very, very much. They have made me a much better person than I could have ever become on my own.

My husband. He is incredible and I love him so! Over the past couple months, everything has been hectic and a tad chaotic. He has stood strong and picked up the slack were I have left it.

My sisters. I love each and everyone of them unconditionally.

My parents. They are amazing, caring, talented people. They have and continue to be the rock in my life and lead by example. I love them.

My work.  I am very blessed to have this fantastic job. Great people, great place to work, I love what I do. Not many people can say that.

My Country. Land of the free, home of the brave. I am so thankful for all those who keep it that way. 

My Church. I am thankful for the knowledge and gift of the atonement. I am thankful for the friendships I have been blessed with. 

A friend of mine passed away last night. She has been on my mind a lot the past month. She has been dealt with more trials than anyone I know, and more than anyone deserves.  Never once did she ever complain, frown or let on if she was upset.  Her non-wavering positiveness was truly a humbling example to anyone she came into contact with. She always.. always looked for the silver lining, and found it, no matter how thin it was. Cancer ultimately took her from this life. I know she is much, much happier now.

I am thankful for the silver linings in life and I am going to do my best to find them in each situation. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello out there in blogger land!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Do you see it? Look close!

.......... all of these are right shoes. 
Where are their mates? 
The left shoe? 
No where to be found. 

The Great Shoe Caper of 2011 
has commenced! 

The Shoe Thief of Norwood Street 
has stirred quite a ruckus in our home. We cannot find the left shoes to most of our shoes. 
Gone! Disappeared! Vanished!
The second you blink, your left shoe will disappear. I have started keeping my work shoes in the car, as to not temp this conniving shoe thief. 
We have been investigating and while the thief moves at lightning speed and is a master at evading the cameras, think we are close to naming the thieving shoe culprit... 

........... so close. 

If by chance you find a pile of left shoes, please contact us immediately. 


A few days after getting the 'mostly all clear' from my doctor to travel (see leg thing), off we drove to Utah to visit all sorts of fun family. Here are the chain of events:
Clara not liking the drive to Utah. Had to stop to entertain.
**insert imaginary pictures of us staying at Emily's house for a couple days... totally forgot to take pictures, which included fun cousin playing, a huge family dinner with both my sisters, their kids, Pernell's sisters and famiy.... C-R-A-Z-Y **

At this point, we went and stayed with Ammie and John. Not long enough! Next time we are going to stay over there longer.

Roberts Family Thanksgiving (in October) 2011. 

Grandma Salad, Carl and all the grandkids


Great Grandma Roberts and the great granddaughters

Aunt Joy, Kaylee and Sam
 Sunday we went to eat at Ruth's, which is this great little diner up Emigration canyon. We have always loved going there!  This time they had us on the patio, which would normally be fine since they have heaters out there, but they put us in the boondocks where there were no heaters. Burrr!! The hot chocolate was great!   After Ruth's, we snuck over to Molly's for a couple hours since she lives right on the way down from Ruths, so all the cousins could play together again. We ended up staying longer than planned because the adults (yes, all of them!) played Apples to Apples for 2 1/2 hours. Fun game!
Emily's, Molly's and my kids. 

Emily, Molly and I. 

...... and our guys. 
 Back to Ammie and John's!  Johanna stayed there too while we were there. So fun to see them all! And Grace, she is so cute! We were excited to finally meet this sweet little niece of ours!
Uncle Pernell and Grace... soo sweet and cute! 

 Side note... I am not sure why I didn't take any pictures at Ammie and John's. But clearly, one of the girls got the camera, because we got this beauty of Trip. :)
Monday morning we went and stayed our final night at Emily's.
Trouble reunited, Charlotte and Clara.  

Aunty Em and Clara

Emily got a puppy (Great dane / Euro dane) while we were there Monday night. The puppy's name is "Betsy Jo Mega Pixel of Davis County".   Maddie is the black lab Pixel is sitting on. They get along great. :) 

The cousins... note the girls eyes... they are wishing for a dog!

Emily and her pups. 

Em and Pixel 
After stocking up on Honey butter, we drove home Tuesday morning. Next time we need to stay longer, especially with how much family we have in Utah now. We didn't see any friends this round. Next time! 

And Clara? Well... the drive home was grand.
*mental note* Always travel at night.